Constance O’Mara – Bid writer and editor


Recently, I had the pleasure of working on a tender response with Leo Fan from Integrated Management Solutions. His expertise as a safety subject matter expert (SME) contributed greatly to our tender. 

He led and actively participated in Asset Management and Safety team meetings on how to clearly, comprehensively answer questions in our returnable. He wrote concise, compliant content on a wide range of topics including: procurement management services, safety in design, approach to compliance, corporate safety objectives/strategy, proactive safety culture, safety management system, and evidence of safety performance/compliance. He also wrote the Environmental Management Plan and the Quality Assurance Plan for the submission while simultaneously supporting other writers on the Emergency Management Plan and Safety Management Plan. 

He liaised well with not only safety SMEs, but also SMEs in other workstreams to enhance the safety aspect of their returnables. The bid team greatly benefited from Leo’s willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ for his colleagues. He quickly integrated into the team, never failed to meet his deadlines, performed very well under pressure and became the ‘go to guy’ for the latest developments in WHS, changes to legislation, advice on best practice, etc. Leo also communicated effectively with non-experts—simplifying complex safety concepts so they were accessible to a general audience. As the bid writer allocated to his workstream, I appreciated this immensely.

I highly recommend Leo without hesitation. I have every confidence in him and look forward to working with Integrated Management Solutions on future tenders.