Integrated Management System (IMS)

Integrated Management System (IMS) set up

We help you get your HSEQ forms, data and processes onto a single platform in just three simple steps.

IMS Software - Step 1

Create digital forms via Formstack or iAuditor

At IMS, we use Formstack or iAuditor – a quicker option which is more viable over time. These platforms allow you easily create fully customised digital forms and share the forms with end users via link.

IMS Software - Step 2

Integrate data from forms into IMS Software

Once your forms are completed, our expert team will help you with Formstack and iAuditor integration

IMS Software - Step 3

Improve processes and performance

Integrating actions, incident and/ or hazard report is only a starting point. IMS can help you identify process requirements to ensure your system complies with ISO or relevant Australian Standards, including ISO45001, ISO9001, ISO14001.

Our expert consultants can help you analyse your existing business processes and create customised work flows to suit your needs

IMS Software - Step 1

Create digital forms via Formstack

In general, the first phase consists of one or more meetings in which you share your thoughts and expectations with the system integrator.

Integrate data from forms into IMS software

After your goals and requirements for your potential applications have been set out, market analysts will  assess operational viability.

IMS Software - Step 3

Improve processes and performance

Thanks to the study, the system integrator is able to begin the process of bringing the subsystems together

Integrated Management Solutions

IMS Software
Collect and share data easily

Easy to collect safety data

Manage incidents and actions more closely

You no longer need to find your info between registers or databases. All incidents, hazards and near misses, their associated actions and progress can be accessed from a single location – the IMS Software Action Tracker.

Escalate incidents quickly

When end users select ‘personal injury’ for example, IMS Software can issue SMS and/or email to instantly
escalate. IMS Software makes incident management easy.
IMS Software
IMS Software

Calendar View

Schedule and assign actions automatically

Use Calendar View to request actions and inspections. IMS Software will send an invite to the assignee – with a
Formstack link to the inspection form if required. IMS Software makes action management and inspection
management easy, too.

Streamline your reporting process

Enter inspection or other data into customised report forms. The IMS will instantly generate a sharable report.
Just tap to send to relevant parties. IMS Software tracks the life cycle of each report from open to close.

Customized Workflow

Automate permits to work

IMS Software can review details and issue approvals when the data meets certain criteria. Formstack does not
provide this type of automation, but IMS can collaborate with you to achieve these efficiencies.

Cover off contractor requirements

Create a contractor management module so these forms become their timesheet and also cover safe work and
environmental requirements.
IMS Software